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Fully using the domestic and international development resources, bringing in advanced designing conception and learning foreign advanced technologies, JAC high-end light-duty truck is suitable for various road conditions.

Cab design
The leading international high-end truck design concept of rigidity, mobility and cleanliness. Adopting design elements such as small angles of inclination and straight lines.
Continuous Improvement on the Suspension System
● Using the new model plate spring (few leaf spring), the car can stay lightweight and will not reduce the load capacity, this will improve the durability.
● The leaf spring uses secondary Peening technology, improving the metallurgical grade requirements for better strength and a longer life.
● By using a disconnected large section frame, the strength has risen by 10%.
● The use of a separation type chassis makes the vehicle stronger and gives it a better damping effect.
● Equidistance holes, standard and flexible components installation.
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The Improved Braking System
The exhaust brake decreases braking times to make the brakes more reliable and more safe, which also prolongs the braking system life span
The double brake loop design and front ventilated disc brake make the vehicle more reliable and safe.
n seriez2
Three-Level Reliable Test
With CAE analysis, bench tests and road tests, the vehicle has undergone three levels of reliability verification which powerfully guarantee the completed vehicle’s safety; moreover, the vehicle has withstood accumulated 1,000,000km reliability tests in the conditions of high temperature, severe cold and high humidity.
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JAC 2.7L CTI Diesel Engine
The injection pressure of common rail direct injection.has reached 1800bar with lower fuel consumption, lower emission and stronger power.
Waste Gas-bypass Turbocharger has low speed high torque with 220Nm/1000rpm and high speed performance with 355Nm/(1800-2600)rpm.
Gas-oil separator can realize the two-stage separation of pre-separation and fine-separation with high separation Efficiency.
jac motors n series 2
JAC-NAVISTAR 3.2L Diesel Engine
High efficient SCR post-processing system has effectively reduced Nox emission;
The application of crankshaft balancer has made the output more stable with lower noise;
Advanced electronic control and fuel system, 1800 bar high pressure injection can realize better atomization and sufficient combustion;
Perfectly matched with high effective turbocharger, the engine can realize the balance of power and economy, and improve emission.
jac motors n series 3
JAC-NAVISTAR 4.8L Diesel Engine
Advanced SCR after treatment system easily meeting Euro-V emission standard;
4 cylinder 16 valves with Ultra low friction coefficient valve system, staged combustion technology and waste turbocharger, and the injection pressure has reached 1800bar.
Maximum power is 140KM and the power per liter is 29.2kw/L with 5%-10% higher than the same class engine.

The First Model Which Has Passed The Complete Vehicle Collision High-standard Test In China

jac motors jordan n series
Cab Security
To improve the passengers’ security in the event of a frontal collision, the N Series truck cab design was, from the beginning, based on the cab nonlinear deformation collision theory, as well as on calculations and simulation analysis and forecast. The front part of the N Series truck cab’s support plate longitudinal beam is designed as a close section, and high rigid steel is used as the longitudinal beam assembly material; moreover, the anti-collision girder steel is built inside the door, all of which fully guarantees the passengers’ security.
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