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  • EASY TO BUY: Easy affordable price and easy sales networks all
    around the world
  • EASY TO DRIVE: Exclusive ESC and full equipment to make it easier
    to drive
  • EASY TO OWN: Extremely low fuel consumption makes it easier to
    own an SUV
The exterior design of S2 is smart and sport,and the overall dimensions are 4135mm/1750mm/1550mm and the wheelbase is 2490mm.
Engine HEC4GB2.3D,VVT
Displacement(CC) 1499
Max power(Hp/rpm) 112/6000
Max torque(Nm/rpm) 146/(3500-4500)
● 2000rpm @ 2bar low fuel consumption to 400g / kW•h; rated conditions and low fuel consumption to 350g / kW.h; lowest fuel consumption as low 250g / kW. h,
● At the same time taking into account the high power output of ultra-low fuel consumption. Emissions reach to Euro V.
● CVT has no clear and specific gear, which is similar to AT, however, CVT has a more continuous and smooth power transmission because it transmits power without skip shift like AT.

● EPS—-Power steering with speed, steering more sensitive, more energy efficient.
● Electronic power steering greatly reduces the steering system components, compared to traditional hydraulic power systems, fuel-efficient 0.3L / 100KM.

ESP-Electronic Stability Program
● ESP aims to regulate engine torque and distribute braking force independently, slowing you down safely with maximum control.
● ESP does not protect occupants in a crash, but helps to avoid the crash in the first place.
CCS-Cruise control system
● CCS makes driver driving the car without throttle control, to keep a constant speed automatically, improving driving convenience, comfort and safety.
Rigid body with high-intensity steel
● 33% of the vehicle apply with galvanized steel . 46% of the hinges apply with high intensity steel , exclusive among all competitors.
● B pillar apply with thermoforming steel, yield strength of 1500MPa, exclusive among all competitors.

Four wheels ventilated braking disc

  • Better cooling effect, low weight, easy maintenance.
  • Better anti-heat performance under full load, stable braking effect.
  • Compared to drum brake, disc brake has much shorter braking distance and the vehicle can be stopped more easily.
  • Better ventilation, enhancing braking performance.
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